Play Intellivision Games On X Box

Talk about childhood memories…for those of us who had video game console Intellivision in the 1980’s, we can relive the fun again with what we now consider crude graphics and effects, but at the time we thought were great and they were the best on the market.

Yesterday, I was using the Intellivision Lives cartridge for X-Box. I don’t know if they make one specifically for X-Box 360, but I think that system is supposed to be backwards compatible with the original X-Box so you should still be able to enjoy the games.

It’s amazing that they were able to recapture the games exactly as they were. (Actually, a few of them have slight improvements because they removed software bugs that were in the originals.)

Another cool feature of Intellivision Lives is that each game has production notes so you get to see who the original programmer was and hear a mini behind the scenes story of the game’s development and marketing.

There are 60 different games on the cartridge! I had paid about 15 dollars for mine. Compare that to back in the day to when we had to pay 30 dollars for a single Intellivision cartridge for one game!

Also, there are even unreleased games on the cartridge that were developed by Mattel or INTV (the company that bought the rights to the name and technology when Mattel got out of the business in the mid 80’s), but were never sold.

Thanks to the X-Box, my favorite 80’s video games live again!

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