PlasmaCar – Cool Kid’s Riding Toy

Parents, how would you like to find a toy that your kids actually wanted to use every day and that gave them exercise? How about one that also required no batteries or electricity so it cost nothing after the initial purchase? One, more thing, what if it only cost fifty or sixty dollars to begin with?

I was reading a magazine today and came across just such a toy. It’s called the PlasmaCar. It’s a ride on toy for kids. They sit on it and move the steering wheel to power the little vehicle. There aren’t even any petals or chains which could get the kids pants and socks dirty like on a bicycle.

Although the design is definitely child-sized, the website says the toy can hold up to 220 pounds on smooth surface and 120 pounds on a flat surface. There are videos on the manufacturer’s website of adults riding them too.

Check it out and you may decide to put a PlasmaCar under your tree this year.

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