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On Thursday, Courtney’s mother said, “Today I will show you how to bake bread. Everything you need is on the counter. Mix the flour, water, salt, and yeast in the bowl.”

Courtney did not want to learn how to bake bread, but she did her best to listen to her mother.

Courtney wondered what would happen if she added three extra packages of yeast. Her mother put the bread in the oven and told her they would check on it later. POUF!

Two hours later, the bread rose so much that it overflowed from the pan. It pushed the oven door open from the inside. The bread filled the whole kitchen.

Courtney’s mother raced to get a toothpick. She stuck it into the bread and deflated the expanding dough.

“Bread should rise in the pan, not explode, dear,” Courtney’s mother said patiently.

Courtney had a terrible time learning how to bake bread. It was her fourth kitchen disaster.

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