Personalized Letter From Santa

It’s not to late to get letters from Santa for your children in time for this Christmas.

A gift like that is something they will remember all their lives. It will seem magical when they are toddlers and young school aged children, then they’ll roll their eyes when they are teens when they think of how they fell for it and acted “extra good” because of Santa’s letters. Finally, when they are young adults, they will treasure the memory that you went to all that trouble for them when they were kids, just so they could have special Christmas experiences.

I still have a personalized book that my grandmother bought for me over thirty years ago. It has the names of my friends and neighbors in it from that time period in my life. I kid you not when I say that a thoughtful gift like this really will last a lifetime.

Imagine the look on your kids face when that letter arrives from the North Pole!

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