Personalized Letter From Santa Unique Christmas Gift

Think back – remember how excited you were when you were a child and you received a personalized letter from Santa Claus? Did’t you want to tell all your friends and relatives? It made Santa so real that it may have even extended your belief a little longer.

If your kids are going to write to Santa this year, he can do much more than write back. Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, it’s easier than ever to give your kids holiday memories of Santa that will last a lifetime. In fact, you wil be able to preserve your memories electronically. They’ll be able to share what you did for them with their own kids someday.

You can get a live personalized phone call from Santa Claus! Can you imagine the lool on your child’s face when you hand the phone to him or her and he or she hears Santa’s voice? Teh company that produces the call makes a permanent recording. One option is to get an ornament with the CD enclosed so you can hang it right on your tree.

Another company makes a personal video from Santa for your kids. They will be thrilled to receive an answer to their Santa letters by video. There are samples on the company’s website so you can see for yourself what the DVD’s are like.

The Internet makes it so simple for parents to set all this up. You’re able to provide whatever information about your child or their Christmas wish lists / your holiday gift plans that you want so you can be sure that you and Santa Claus are on the same page! Your kids will be amazed and it will be much easier for you than trying to whisper it into the ear of the elf helping the Santa at your local mall.

For all you parents who tell the kids to behave because Santa is watching…now you’ll have “proof” because you can get Kris Kringle himself to mention something specific that you have been getting your child to improve upon.

This is also a unique Christmas gift that any grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbor, or family friend can get. When Santa calls or a message from him arrives at your home by DVD this holiday season, you can be sure you’ll be creating unforgettable Christmas memories.

Schedule a live personalized phone call
from Santa Claus for your child right now.

Get a personal video message on DVD, sing-a-long,
and a signed full color photo for your child from Santa.

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