Parents Who Should Not Have Children

James Lehman may say in the Total Transformation Program that there are no bad parents, only those that have ineffective parenting skills, but I will have to disagree.

There are bad parents. There are too many of them around, too. I’m not talking about the parents that abuse their kids in obvious ways that would result in the police or social services removing children from the home. In this entry, I’m talking about the ones that are all around us in society and just have no business having children in the first place.

I just read what can only be described as a disgusting article by a mother. No, I’m not going to tell you where it comes from because she deserves no more attention or publicity.

In the article, the mother was complaining about the amount of time she had to spend with her children on their family vacation! There were the points she made:

– She was appalled that there wasn’t continuous childcare available at the vacation destination.
– She pointed out that she and her husband had to spend more time with her kids on the vacation than she would normally do at home.
– She said she resented being stuck with her own screaming and crying children and said that they ruined every meal she had on the vacation because she had to put up with them during the meal.

Is that or is that not a disgusting attitude from a mother?

First of all, she needs to learn some serious parenting skills and fast. Whose fault is it that the children are screaming and crying all the time? Furthermore, you can believe if she didn’t want to hear or “put up with” her kids acting that way, nobody else around them did either.

While every parent needs and deserves a break from time to time, in this case it sounds like it’s the kids who need and deserve a break from a parent like that.

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