Parenting Teens

The topic of parenting teens – few things strike more fear into the hearts of parents no matter what age their children happen to be. Even parents of adult children probably still cringe when remembering how unprepared they felt as they started dealing with their kids as they entered adolescence.

We’ve been talking about some resources out there to help parents and I’ll be continuing my review series very soon. In the meantime, there are websites filled with information to give you tips, tricks, and techniques to make your life with your teenager easier in all areas from health and education to teen intervention when necessary.

Speaking of teen intervention, there is a chart on the page in the link above that shows information about teen drug use. I suggest all parents reading this entry immediately go to that page and look at the chart. Then I suggest all parents seriously find out if their teenagers are contributing to the percentages of teen drug users in that chart. There are also many accompanying articles, which can help parents understand various aspects of today’s drug use and culture.

The website also offers a free parenting tips newsletter which might be of interest to constantly give parents the inspiration and support they need.

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