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When watching the introductory DVD to the Total Transformation Program, I often found myself nodding in agreement or even saying, “Yes, exactly,” a few times as various points were made.

I mentioned in one of the previous blog review posts that founder James Lehman is very quotable. Here’s a classic quote that I want to share. He said, “Parents aren’t training the kids, kids are training the parents….Kids train the parents on how to give in.”

To that, I say, “Yes, exactly!” Stop and think about that line for a moment. It is so accurate, it’s almost scary. The reason kids throw fits in the grocery store or department store is because they work. That’s right, some kids have trained their parents to give in to the demands for the desired items on the shelves.

Here’s the sequence:
– Kid asks for item.
– Parent says no.
– Kid throws fit.
– Parent buys item to quiet kid.

If you were a kid in the previous scenario, why wouldn’t you throw a fit? In that circumstance, it is actually the smart thing to do in order to attain the goal because it has worked for the kid in the past. The only way to break a cycle like that is to recognize it and learn some new skills as will be discussed in the next review entry.

Learn to recognize the negative beahvior patterns and cycles in your home.

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