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Welcome to the new Parenting Resources category at Someone Else’s Kids.

This separate category has been long overdue as the regular parenting and raising kids category has grown so tremendously. Having this special place to write about resources for parents will make it much easier for those parents who are looking for goods, services, or resource type information to find whatever they need more quickly.

Another benefit of this new category is that it will also allow parents and caregivers to browse through the entries in the section and introduce them to websites or products to make their lives and parenting jobs easier even if they didn’t know they existed prior to discovering them here.

Be sure to check back for the first resource: an online babysitting match service.

Here’s a sneak peak if you want to check out the site and the service by entering your zip code below. I’ll do a more indepth review in an upcoming entry:

(Zip Code)

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