Parenting Program Review

Parenting Program Review

I’ve been promising readers that I would start my in-depth review series about the Total Transformation Program, which is a multi-media program to help parents manage what they call “challenging” and I’ll call inappropriate behaviors in their kids.

Before I start the first review in this entry, I want to mention a few things so review readers will be informed.

First, I am not employed by, nor have I ever been employed by Legacy Parenting, the company that manufactures this program. I found out about the existence of the material and the company a few months back while doing a routine Internet search for topics to write about in this blog.

Now that I have the actual complete program, I am going to write an in depth series of reviews about the different aspects of it. Anything I write about will be my own opinions and reactions to the material so they may not necessarily be the same as the creators or sellers of the program.

Since I am going to be writing so much about it, I have also signed up with an affiliate program to promote the Total Transformation parenting program on this site. (If you are not familiar with affiliate programs, check that link.) You may see links either in the bodies of the entries or advertising on the sides of the blog for the program.

Next in the series: first impressions of the parenting hotline.

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