Parenting Mistake Bottomless Pockets

In this entry, we’re talking about parents who constantly buy material goods for their children.

Some people might ask what could possibly be wrong with that as long as the parents have the means to do so and are not teaching their kids irresponsible money management by example. In fact, how many parents do you know who have freely stated that one of their goals in life is to give their kids “all the things they didn’t have when they were kids.” Have you ever said that yourself?

When I was a kid, I had a friend whose mother said that all the time. Yes, he was very spoiled. You should have seen Christmastime at his house. It looked like KB Toys, FAO Schwartz, and Toys R Us exploded in his living room. This led to him always expecting he could get whatever he wanted including his own way at school or on the playground.

When I heard this parenting mistake described in the Total Transformation Literature, my first thought was, imagine what kind of adults these overly-indulged kids will turn into? Would you want to be the teacher, boss, or significant other who is the first person to tell someone that he or she can’t get everything wanted in life?

Think about people you know in your own life. This may explain a lot.

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