Parenting Manual

So many people say they wish there was such a thing as a parenting manual in life.

The more I read of the Total Transformation Program, the more I am convinced that this is it. Perhaps hospitals should give them out when they send new parents home with their infants. (Yes, it would still take a few years before the material was applicable, but one might as well have a head start in good parenting skills!) Maybe pediatricians’ offices should stock them to give out when a kid reaches his or her third birthday. Even though the kids wouldn’t know it, it would be the best birthday present they would ever receive.

The reason I am saying this today is because I have just (finally!) finished reviewing Audio Lesson # 2 of the program and that will inspire several more entries.

One overall comment I have based on the introductory DVD and the two audio lessons I have listened to so far is that I really like how James Lehman describes a particular parenting behavior in detail and then explains the results that occur when parents act that way. More importantly, he then explains how those psychological lessons learned in childhood translate into adult behaviors. It is fascinating and something that all parents need to seriously consider. His explanations really show the theory of “you reap what you sow” in action.

See the theories in action yourself with this Total Transformation special offer.

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