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When I opened the package containing the Total Transformation Program, there were three things in it. The packing slip, the actual program materials wrapped in plastic and a double-sided sheet explaining the Parental Support Hotline and advertising a special for unlimited use (hours are Monday – Friday (9 AM to 9 PM) of the hotline for one month for only one dollar. It is an 800 number too so the true cost for the first month would be just the dollar.

The idea of a parental support line is a great one. I love the fact that people who purchase the program have a way to get their questions answered immediately by a live person. How many times have you purchased a parenting book, read a parenting article or even received advice from a friend or relative, and thought that the ideas and suggestions sounded good, but didn’t know how to apply them to your own situation? The Total Transformation Program solves that problem with the hotline. The letter promises to “show you how to apply the techniques in the program.” It’s like getting an instruction manual and an instructor to go with it.

Since I am actually reviewing the program as I read it and view the DVD’s, I have not yet come across the cost beyond the initial month for the Parental Support Line. When I get to that, I will write an entry sharing my opinion on the cost / benefit ratio.

For a first impression, I give the Total Transformation Program a definite thumbs up.

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