Parenting Advice: Scrutiny From Other Parents

Do You Want Parenting Advice From Other Parents?

In the introductory remarks to the third audio lesson in The Total Transformation Program, James Lehman mentioned something about scrutiny from other parents. Even though that wasn’t what the lesson is about, I jotted down a note to talk about the concept.

The mere phrase obviously implies other parents observing your parenting skills, then making a judgment about them, and (perhaps most controversial of all) sharing their feedback with you.

These other parents could include friends, neighbors, relatives, teachers, and parents of your children’s friends.

This leads to a lot of questions. Do you want / need / look for / appreciate this input from other parents?

Effective Parenting Advice The Total Transformation

Scrutiny from other parents is like peer pressure. It can be positive or negative depending on the intentions behind it, how the feedback is received, and the ultimate outcome.

An interesting observation is that you may take the same parenting advice coming from different sources in very different ways.

Imagine that a school guidance counselor offers you an opinion on a particularly tough parenting situation, specifically on the way you handled the situation. Now imagine that your mother-in-law offered the same advice!

Did you have a different reaction just reading those two sentences? Tell the truth now, nobody will know but you!

Get your parenting advice from the professionals.

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