Parent Training

Parent Training (PT) has been shown to be effective for treating oppositional and defiant behaviors.

Standardized parent training programs are short-term interventions that teach parents specialized strategies-including positive attending, ignoring, the effective use of rewards and punishments, token economies, and time-out to address clinically significant behavior problems. (Farley et al., 2005)

The long-term maintenance of changes following parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) for young children with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and associated ADHD has been shown to be good.

Three to 6 years after treatment, the mothers of children with these disorders indicated that the significant changes found in their children’s behavior and their own feelings of control at the end of treatment were maintained at long-term follow-up.

Child behavior reported at the post-treatment assessment and the length of time since treatment were strong predictors of long-term outcome. Mothers’ reports of disruptive behavior decreased with time after treatment. (Hood & Eyberg, 2003)

[Someone Else’s Kids Editor’s Note: The author is discussing parent training as an effective treatment for children’s ADHD and ODD as found in The Total Transformation Program.]

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