Parent Teacher Conferences

I promised in the previous report card entry that I would write about parent-teacher conferences or PTC’s as some parents, teachers, and school administrators call them.

Here are some tips for parents in order to use their time efficiently while meeting with their children’s teachers.

1. Go To The Conference – I know that might sound silly, but the plain truth is that most parents don’t bother to go the meetings. Your child’s education is worth the hour or two it takes to attend a parent-teacher conference.

It’s also true that most of the parents that do attend are the ones who least need to be there because their children tend to do better academically and behaviorally.

However, all parents should attend, even those whose children are excelling in every area if no other reason than to provide positive reinforcement to the kids and to show support for the teaches. Also, you might find out that there are things the kids could improve upon that you didn’t even know were problems.

2. Be Prepared – Teachers will naturally have a list of specifics to discuss for each child. Parents should also come prepared with topics they would like to cover in the meeting.

3. Be Considerate Of Other Parents – If it seems like the discussions of your child’s issues could become in depth, use the original PTC as an introductory meeting and make plans for a longer session at a later time in which you can meet with that teacher or multiple teachers at one time when other parents aren’t lingering outside the door waiting for their turn.

4. Be Respectful, But Not Intimidated – Some parents, especially those that haven’t been in school or classroom in a while, can get overwhelmed with memories of their own bad experiences in school and suddenly get tongue-tied as if they were errant schoolchildren who didn’t do their homework!

If this happens to you, relax and remember that you and the teacher on the same side – working for what’s best for your child.

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