Parent Mind Reading

As part of the second audio lesson in the Total Transformation System , I heard of a concept that I had not thought of before, but one which makes perfect sense to me.

The presenter talks about the idea of parents doing mind reading…and he is not talking about any feats as might be seen on NBC’s new show Phenomenon starring Uri Geller and Criss Angel. He is talking about something much simpler – the idea that parents in public try to guess or “mind read” what other parents think of the parenting job they are doing by observing how the children behave and how the parents react.

Admit it – he’s right! Every time I observe kids behavior in public and the parents interactions with them, I certainly make observations and conclusions about how effective their parenting skills are.

Beyond that, Lehman is pointing out an extension to this concept. (He is very good at doing that. I love how he takes everything he discusses and shows how it naturally evolves to the next logical step.)

Find out the extension in More About Mind Reading.

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