Parent Involvement In Schools

As the kids go back to school this week, it’s a good time to think of ways for parents to get involved in the schools. Here are five ways.

1. Volunteer – This can be an ongoing commitment such as volunteering on a dailty or weekly basis or even a one-time event.

2. Offer Supplies – See if you can offer any supplies. Yes, the school district should supply everything needed by your children with your tax dollars and no, that is not really going to happen. Sometimes something you don’t even want could be the perfect thing your child’s classroom needs. For example, when I was a kid, almost all our handouts were copied on donated paper from businesses that had already been printed on one side of it and no longer needed it.

3. Teach – Yes, you. There is probably some skill you know, either through your work or from a hobby that would tie into something in the curriculum. Talk to you child’s teacher about it and the two of you will come up with something creative.

4. Stay Informed – Kids are taught in social studies class that the basis of being in a democracy is the electorate staying informed. Make sure you know what your kids are studying in school and what school events are going on.

5. Ask – If you’re not sure what you can do to make a difference, simply ask the teacher or principal for suggestions and he or she will find something productive for you to do. (Teachers and principals are good at that!)

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