Parent Child Relationship

Here’s a topic that parents never would have considered as recently as forty or fifty years ago, but it’s one that is very much on some parents’ minds in reference to modern child-raising theory and the parent child relationship.
Should parents attempt to be their kid’s friends?

I have heard many parents say that this is their goal in their parent-child relationship. In fact, the other day, my friend told me about a conversation she had with someone in her early 20’s who said, “My mother is not like a mom. She’s my best friend. We hang out together. It’s always been like that.”

That mother has not done her daughter a favor in life. The roles of parents and friends in our lives should be very different. They are not interchangeable. Any parent whose goal it is to have friend-level relationship with his or her child rather than a parental relationship with his or her child is clearly not being a “parent” and is also not a “friend” since a friend would act in the child’s best interests. Depriving a child of having a true parent (in the psychological sense of the word) is wrong.

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