Overscheduled: Time to just be a Kid?

This is related to one of my articles a few entries back entitled “Kids: Computer Games & Television Versus Exercise.” In that entry, I talked about the tendency of so many kids today (and their parents allowing it) to be plopped in front of computer games and televisions instead of going outside, running around, playing kickball, or joining a sports team.

There is another point not brought out in that article. Some kids have the opposite problem. They are over-stressed, over-scheduled and just plain overdoing it. You know the type. Mom drives them to soccer practice two nights a week and to games on Saturday. Then there are music lessons after school once a week along with daily practice. Let’s not forget the after school art-enrichment program. Did we mention the scouts and the paper route? The list goes on.

These parents are doing their kids just as much of a disservice as those who allow the kids to sit around and do nothing all day. Those busy-as-bees kids need time to just enjoy being kids, to have fun, relax, and even to take on the responsibility of managing their own time and schedules.

In short, parents have to help their kids overcome the tendency towards the extremes and find the healthy balance.

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