Other People’s Children

One of the great joys of parenthood must surely be arguing with your child in a crowded store. I was doing Christmas shopping in a department store the other day when a child asked his mother for a toy.

He asked quietly, but she exploded! “NO! I bought you something yesterday. Why do you always have to ask for things in the store?” That set him off and he started to whine and cry and she dragged him away, both of them now yelling all the while.

The interesting thing is that her reaction caused his. I would like to ask her a question: Why bring him to the store if you know he is going to ask for things and you will be that upset over it?

I would also like to answer the question she asked him: He asks for things because there has never been a child in the world who did not ask for things in stores- and get a large percentage of those things!

So, parents, how do you handle similar store situations?

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