Ordering Checks Online

By now, most people know that they can reorder checks online. What many people don’t realize is that, in both the online and offline worlds, they can also order their checks through printing companies. They don’t have to go through their banks and pay the prices associated with the vendors that the bank partners with on its website or in its promotional literature.

Vista Print is a custom printing company that I have mentioned before on this blog. They have a wide range of items and it is always worth it to research their site when you need a custom printing job done. I just found out that they also offer checks and are currently running a promotion in which customers can get 25 free checks! You can use coupon code BlogFreeChecks08 to get the free checks during the checkout process.

I wish I had known that Vista offered checks the last time I ordered them because the company I used required a minimum order quantity of 150. I really didn’t need or want that many. Vista’s smallers order quantity is only 25 which is much more reasonable in this day and age of electronic banking.

I was going to suggest that you check out the link in the first paragraph to order your checks online the next time you are ready to place your reorder. However, I have a better idea. Check out the link now so when it is actually time to place the check orders, you’ll know exactly where to go to get the job done online easily and quickly.

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