Only Children

First, we took a look at the different possible places one could fall in birth order and came up with a humorous take on what would be some of the advantages to those different positions. Life is all about contrasts, so now it’s time to take another look from a different point of view.

5 Not So Great Aspects Of Life For Only Children

1. You will never have anyone to play with on rainy days.
2. Since you spend so much of your time with adults, you will always be expected to act very mature for your age.
3. All your parents’ hope, dreams, and expectations fall on you. There is no backup person to whom to shift their attention.
4. Although you may get to be the star of the show at home, you may find out that the rest of the world doesn’t see it that way.
5. There’s nobody else to blame if you turn the dog green in your latest science experiment.

Find out why life might not be a picnic for those youngest children in the next entry.

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