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Every year, I love to go to Halloween stores and see all the possible Halloween costumes and Halloween decorations. One opened up in the local mall and I have already checked it out.

I love the fact that I can shop for Halloween costumes or other items online to compare prices and find the best deals. As always, I want my readers to find the best deals too so I am going to tell you about a Halloween costume site that has everything you need from traditional and modern kids costumes to just for fun costumes that you can buy to remind you of how you used to dress for Halloween and maybe even every day before you started a family.

The site also has a full range of decorations and novelties. The site is like a Halloween mega-store with over 14,000 items. It makes me wonder how many items are stocked in the local store I visited.

Make sure you read all the way through this post because I’ve also got some clues to you a Halloween treat… a secret haunted house backdoor that will get you a discount when you place an order from the site.

First, I love the name… Isn’t that great? I wish I had thought of it. Anyway, let me give you some costume ideas that I bet will be hot items this year.

Does your kid want to be his or her favorite character a summer blockbuster movie? If you need a Pirates of the Caribbean costume, they’ve got what you need.

Always a perennial favorite for the last thirty years, I am sure there will be a resurgent demand for Michael Myers costumes this year thanks to the release of the new movie.

So no tricks in this blog entry, just treats for readers…here are the directions to the secret haunted house discount I told you about:

– Navigate your way to the homepage of
– Search about halfway down for the following sentence “Our store now has over 14,000 masquerade items for you to choose from.”
– Click on the comma in the number and you’ll find the discount code!

Come back and let me know what you choose to wear this Halloween.

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