Online Coloring Book

It used to be that sharing your kids’ coloring book creations with “the world” meant ripping out one of the completed pages of a coloring book and hanging it on the refrigerator door.

Now you can actually share the coloring pages with the world via the Internet. In fact, real crayons are no longer required either because you can find Coloring Pages right online and let the kids color electronically. There’s no need to have those little crayon shavings and pieces of paper on the kitchen table or floor anymore. When the picture is complete it can also be saved online for sharing.

Another neat feature of the site is that you can upload your own line drawings and turn them into coloring opportunities. Of course, you could always do that yourself at home on paper, but in the past it wasn’t possible to share them with people unless you photocopied them and physically passed the papers around. Now you can make one drawing and upload it online, making it available to any number of kids and adults too. It might be fun and interesting for the kids to make their own colored version of their own drawing and then let other children color them in online and compare how the finished products look.

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