On The Other Hand

Every time you go out in public, you can witness kids’ behavior and parenting skill from every part of the spectrum. I can’t decide if it never ceases to amaze me or if there is no reason to be surprised (or both if possible) by some of the things I see.

For example, I was at a store the other day where a woman was pushing as child in a cart. She was paying absolutely no attention to the kid as he was screaming at the top of his lungs.

It’s so tough to decide how that should be handled.

On one hand, paying attention to him when he was acting like that would reinforce that type of behavior as a way to get attention and make it likely to recur which would be bad. On the other hand, is there any reason why the rest of us innocent bystanders should be subjected to incessant screaming while trying to shop in peace?

What do you think?

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