Oldest Children

Sometimes being first means you have to blaze a trail and break your parents in. What thanks do you get? Here’s a list of issues that oldest children raise.

5 Things Oldest Children Hate About Being Oldest Children

1. It’s not fair that your parents scrutinized your friends so much. By the time the other children came along, your parents didn’t even know their friends’ names.
2. Sometimes you want to go off with your own friends. Having to let your little brother or little sister tag along is not cool.
3. Why should you have to stay home and miss the concert just to baby sit?
4. You’d like to live your own life and not always be told that you have to behave perfectly to set an example for your siblings.
5. You get in trouble if you make the other kids in the family cry. Of course, they cry just to get you in trouble!

In the next entry, learn how the middle children give all the other kids a run for their money when it comes to pointing out the negative aspects of certain birth order placement.

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