Old TV Advertising: Canada – The World Next Door

I can’t imagine how people garnered the information they needed to move to another country or go there for an extended stay years ago before they were able to research on the Internet.

These days, it only takes seconds to check any information about a foreign location that you want. For example, let’s say you waned to visit Calgary, Alberta, Canada for a long period of time and you decided you wanted to rent an apartment.

It would take you no time at all to research Calgary apartments online. The Internet has made travel and relocation infinitely simpler.

What got me thinking about his today was reminiscing about those old television ads encouraging people to visit Canada. When I was as kid, I used to love those old TV ads with the slogan and song that said, “Come to Canada, the World Next Door.”

Do you remember those? If you do, then you have just dated yourself as I did by bringing up the topic!

I can’t believe that after all these years, I can still hear the tune in my head and I can picture the Canadian geese flying. That really is a testament to the Canadian tourism board or advertising agency that created those ads.

I remember when people would talk about the ads they would say how beautiful the country was and they wished they could not only visit, but actually move there. If they decide to do that in the modern era, all the information they will need is only a few clicks away.

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