Noisy Kids

Kids make noise. That’s a given. I love it when parents and teachers say that if the kids are being too quiet, then they know they are up to something! This is a wise observation. If you have heard a group of kids suddenly shush each other when someone is approaching, it’s a good bet that you better investigate.

When is noise too much noise? It’s one thing when kids are out in their own backyards during the day, but what about in an apartment complex when they are running around screaming and yelling near other people’s windows? Some might say that is a part of living in an any-age complex. OK, I might agree to that to some extent. What about on rainy days? I’ve seen/heard kids at an apartment complex playing in the hallways for hours when they couldn’t go outside.

How much noise do you let your kids make? Did your tolerance for noise go up or down after you had kids?

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