No Excuse For Abuse

When you hear the phrase “no excuse for abuse,” it sounds like some kind of public service announcement. When I first heard James Lehman say that and emphasize it on the Total Transformation Program DVD, I was hoping there would be a little more depth to it, then just throwing around a buzz phrase that would make a good sound bite on a news magazine show.

Luckily, Mr. Lehman’s explanation and philosophy didn’t disappoint in the search for more depth. After defining abuse as physical between people, verbal between people, or physical against property, he went on to make a really interesting point that most people probably never stop to think about. He said that people who abuse others to get what they want are intimidating other people into giving in.

That’s one of those thoughts that is profound and basic all at the same time. While simple and straightforward at its most superficial level, it has great resonance when you stop and think about it. Get more points to ponder when youreview the complete material.

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