Nintendo Wii Shortage

Parents, are you buying the idea that there is a shortage of Nintendo Wii units this holiday season as the media is reporting and seveal bloggers are telling their tales of trekking all over town from store to store only to end up Wii-less?

I have been coming across articles saying that people are paying 650.00 for them. That raises a whole different issue of paying outrageous sums above retail price for holiday toys, but that’s another blog post.

I have a friend who just bought a Nintendo Wii about three weeks ago and I have seen plenty on store shelves in several different stores.

If you were being paid an outrageous executive salary to run a company that had one of the most popular items on the market in its industry, wouldn’t you think you could manage to produce enough units to meet the retail demand…especially in light of the fact that every unit sold then produces profit over and over again because of all the individual games that will be purchased for it?

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