Biotene Toothpaste Review

I recently received a sample of a new toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. It’s calle Biotene. You can see a picture below so you can identify the packaging if you see it in a store.

They say it is a low foaming formula. That turned it to be completely true. (Isn’t it refreshing when the claims on the package of an item are accurate for a change?) I figured it was going to be the same as any other toothpaste, but there really was no foam which was nice because it didn’t make a mess of the sink like most other brands do.

Biotene is made as a sensitive toothpaste. I wish I had it years ago when I had braces. I remember that every month when they were tightened and adjusted, I would not eat for a day and then I could only stand soft foods for the next few days because my teeth would be so sore. If you’ve ever had braces, then you know exactly what I mean. Your teeth ache constantly and there is little you can do about it. Any toothpaste that wants to help you with that problem deserves some attention.

The tube I got didn’t mention that there was any special flavoring so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it tasted like bubblegum! If kids need to use it, I think they would like the taste. The other interesting thing about it that I haven’t even mentioned yet is that not only does it provide protection against sensitivity issues, it also has an ingredient to fight one of the conditions that can lead to the sensitivity problems – dry mouth.

UPDATE: Biotene has probably changed the packaging since this blog entry was originally written so if you see Biotene toothpaste in the store, it may not look like the picture I took of the Biotene toothpaste tubes and Biotene toothpaste boxes.

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