New Hood Caramel Egg Nog Review

Caramel Flavored Eggnog Review

Is it ever too early in the season (or even before the official start of the holiday season) to talk about eggnog? Some might even say that the official start of the holiday season comes not at Thanksgiving or Black Friday, but instead at the first eggnog sighting at the grocery store!

Let’s go with the latter because then we’ll be able to say that the season has started. I saw eggnog for sale at two different grocery stores this week. That’s how I discovered that Hood created a new eggnog flavor this year – caramel.

Hood is already known for getting into the flavored eggnog business a few years ago. In fact, I’ve reviewed some of them before here Hood Eggnog Flavors. Let’s not forget the holiday McDonald’s Eggnog Shakes story I shared before too.

Of course, when I saw the caramel flavored eggnog today I had to purchase a quart. The price was $2.99. I’m sure Hood will be putting out some coupons closer to the holidays so you might be able to get it a little cheaper or get it on sale at your local store.

So, on to the actual review part. The consistency was thick and creamy as you would expect from other eggnog products. There was a definite and delicious caramel taste.

Interestingly, it didn’t taste at all like traditional eggnog. [As I’ve stated before in another post, in general, people either love eggnog or hate it, there is no in between. I think Hood may have developed an eggnog that everyone will like (provided they like caramel, of course).]

I would really classify it more as a caramel shake or caramel frappe. Hood could market it differently and sell it all year around.

If you are ready to try a new eggnog this holiday season, try the Hood Caramel Eggnog. Here’s what it looks like:

Hood Caramel Eggnog Picture

I also love the artwork on the packaging. It’s such a classic winter/Christmas scene with the colonial style house and the snow. They didn’t forget the detail of the smoke coming out of the chimney or the lights on the evergreen trees.

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