Music Education

Music education has (in some cases) come a long way from what I remember. When I was in elementary school, the regular classroom teacher would pull out the record player once a week, put on old record, tell everyone to sing and call it music class.

When I was in college and took a music education course, I realized how much there really was to a true music education course including singing, note reading, instrument playing, the role of music in culture, and more.

It seems like there is another innovation in the area too. Today I came across a website for music notation software, which is software used by musicians as well as music teachers to create sheet music.

I thought that was so interesting. What a great teaching tool. The site,, even offers a free basic version download that allows users to create their own sheet music by clicking on the staves. It would be so simple for kids to create, play, and share simple melodies.

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