Multimodal Treatment For Children With ADHD

How can TTP meet the need of providing a multimodal treatment program to these children and teens with ADHD and disruptive behavior disorders?

[Somone Else’s Kids Editor’s Note: TTP stands for Total Transformation Program.]

While most pediatricians can say that they understand the need for a multimodal program for the treatment of children with ADHD and coexisting conditions, they are at a loss of how to assist parents in acquiring the skills necessary to carry out such a program.

The behavior management component of the MTA program has been shown to be an ideal program for obtaining positive outcomes for children with ADHD and coexisting behavioral disorders, but few communities offer the support received in this program to parents and their children with ADHD.

Most parents must then “go it alone” or seek out expensive mental health support within the community knowing the majority of these services are not covered by health insurance.

Given the limited time available to clinicians to interact with patients and their parents, how can professionals teach parents to more effectively deal with their children with ADHD and ODD/CD and provide these services in a way that is both cost and time effective?

An “at home” training program like the TTP program seems ideal. Through a series of compact disks, DVDs and an interactive parent workbook, the TTP can be used by parents and professionals to decode a child’s behavior and understand why a child or teen is acting in a dysfunctional way.

The main focus of this non-judgmental structured program is on teaching parents exactly how to react to and better understand their children or teens with behavior disorders such as ODD/CD and then effectively empower
them to change.

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