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Ok, this is going to be my last Total Transformation Program Review quote for a while, at least until I start reading more of the lesson material and report on it to my readers.

First, the quote, then the analysis. James Lehman says on the program DVD, “Kids with ADHD have to learn how to behave.”

I love that he holds all kids to the same level of responsibility. There are no excuses, regardless of the factors. I wish more people had that attitude. Before a whole segment of readers gets all up in arms, I also want to point out that James Lehman explains that his own son has ADD. He also talks about his clinical practice and using the Total Transformation techniques with children of all kinds of special needs including ADD, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. (He may have mentioned others as well. I know the ones in the previous sentence were mentioned because I wrote them in my notes.) The point is that he knows what he is talking about because he has been successful turning around the behavior of children for whom other people so easily make excuses.

Ultimately, excusing bad behavior, regardless of its origin or influencing factors is not a favor to the child. In fact, it’s a disservice.

Here’s a quote of my own – Not expecting every child to behave, as well as teaching him or her how to do so, is inexcusable.

You’ll find a lot more quoteworthy material in the program materials.

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