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In the first part of this entry, Parent Mind Reading, we talked about parents knowing that other people are judging their parenting skills each time they see them interact with their children in public.

Here’s the interesting thing about that, James Lehman then explains that parents will “perform” for their public audiences. In other words, they plan their actions based on how they think other parents watching will judge them, rather than doing the best thing for their kids in the situation. That is a powerful and perceptive observation.

It may be human nature to do such a thing, but that doesn’t mean it is the best form of parenting.

It reminded me of an episode of Will & Grace. Do you remember the Christmas-themed episode in which Grace was attending a performance of The Nutcracker? There was a woman in line at the refreshment station with three misbehaving children. The mother told the kids they better behave or “the next movie you will see will be Harry Potter and the 45 Minute Spanking.” Of course, the kids then behaved. Grace later said to another character, “I hope Santa can swing by Child Services on his way to their house.”

How many real mothers would not say something like that to their kids in earshot of other people for fear of onlookers reacting the way the character of Grace did?

Stop performing for other parents and learn how to make your kids behave with this program.

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