Monster Mini Golf Review – Fun Family Activity

If you haven’t heard of Monster Mini Golf before today, then you are in for a scary treat.

Actually, it’s more fun than scary. Monster Mini Golf is a franchise that is opening new locations around the country. (There are about 15 active locations listed on the website as of this writing.)

It is an indoor mini golf place with a monster theme. I expected the location I visited to be more a little more elaborate than it was in reference to the décor, especially after reading that the founders had professional theater experience. It’s one of those cases in which I didn’t quite know what to expect, but when I saw it, I felt a little disappointed. (I’m sure kids would be more impressed than I was.)

Nonetheless, I went with a group of people and we all had a fun time. The crowd was a mix of families with kids and groups of young adults. Everybody was clearly enjoying the activity.

We all agreed that one of the best parts was the 80’s music playing throughout our time there. We also played some video games and skee-ball in the mini-arcade as well.

As my readers know, I love to save money so I was probably most impressed with what happened at the end. When we were turning our golf clubs back in after completing the course, the employee handed us a discount coupon good for one free game saying good-naturedly, “This is for whoever got the worst score in your party because he or she needs more practice!”

You guessed it, I was the lucky recipient of the free game coupon!

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