Monitor Kids Internet Usage

Parents are often concerned about what or whom their children might stumble upon when surfing the Internet. Age warnings or age verification check boxes on websites reasonably cover the operator of a site from a legal standpoint for trying to keep out those who are not old enough to view the content. Of course, from a kid’s point of view, those measures only serve to make the site more appealing and they no doubt check off the age box in whatever way will let them into the site.

Leading search engines and some Internet service providers have “parental locks” just like the V-Chip on TV’s. Parents also spend lots of money on filtering software like CyberPatrol, NetNanny, CyberSitter as well as on countless other similar products. While this is probably pretty effective, filtering software has its quirks too. An often-cited example is that the filters block medical or medical related websites like those of the various breast cancer foundations due to the references to body parts.

Here’s a better solution in one sentence; it fosters family togetherness and it’s free. Ready? Put the computer in the middle of the living room!

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