Mistakes Parents Make

As I mentioned, the portion I’m currently reviewing is titled Ineffective Parenting Roles. I am phrasing it less delicately by referring to the points made in some upcoming posts as “mistakes parents make.”

Either way, the good news is that if you notice your own parenting style or that of someone you know in these entries, there is a way to change the situations. Mistakes don’t have to be repeated and ineffective techniques can be replaced by effective ones when you accept the guidance that is offered.

I’m going to devote one post to a discussion and analysis of each point that was made. I want you to read the posts and then honestly think of how the concept described may apply to your own situation.

There is nothing wrong with realizing that you have made mistakes. That’s actually a good step because then you can find a way to bring about better results next time.

Coming Next: Parenting Mistake 1 – Renegotiating

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