Milk Price Increase

What is it with price of milk lately? Have you noticed ridiculous surges in retail milk prices in your area too?

(I suppose know you’re getting old when every time you go to the grocery store, you feel compelled to remark how much more things cost than when you were a kid, but that should be another entry. Nonetheless, I am going to date myself by saying that I remember when a gall of milk cost $1.99…When was the last time you saw a price tag or UPC symbol with that milk price and it wasn’t a huge sale?)

The other day, I’ve noticed the retail price for a gallon of milk has reached what I consider an absurd threshold again. (I say again because prices skyrocket like this a couple years ago and then came back down.) Anyway, the other day, it was over $4.00. The cost was $4.09 for a gallon of Market Pantry (Target’s in house store brand) skim milk. Yes, you read that correctly, it was over four dollars at my local Target. Isn’t Target known for having good prices on items?

When I got home, I sent feedback to Target encouraging them to rethink what they are charging for milk as well as pointing out that after I left Target, I stopped at a Trader Joe’s and noticed the cost of a gallon of their brand of skim milk was $2.79! That is a significant difference, especially if you buy a few gallons a week. The other notable thing is that Trader Joe’s is not a chain that has sales (they believe in “everyday low pricing”) so they weren’t running a special with milk as a loss leader that week.

What are you seeing? Are crazy milk prices eating up your family’s household budget?

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