Middle Child

Notice how in this fun list of birth order characteristics and their positive aspects, I left the middle child entry for last. Yes, I confess, I did it on purpose. Come on, middle children everywhere, you know you always feel that you’re last on the list, so helped you prove your point. Jan Brady’s everywhere, this list is for you!

5 Middle Child Advantages

1. There’s always someone to play with when you’re a kid and you can choose to be more mature by picking an activity your older sibling would enjoy or you can be more immature and choose something that your younger sibling would prefer.
2. You can claim that the writers of Malcolm In The Middle consulted with you for story ideas.
3. You get great training for a career in corporate America because you practice making everybody happy without really meaning it.
4. You can get what you want by making your parents feel guilty about having the number of kids that resulted in you being stuck in the middle.
5. You get to blame your moodiness (and everything else) on Middle Child Syndrome, what’s better than that?

It was so much doing this series of entries that I decided to extend it by light-heartedly examining the flip side of the discussion – the disadvantages of being born into the various family slots. Check out the next post only children.

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