Microwave Backwraps

If you’ve ever seen those microwave backwraps in the pharmacy or department store and wondered if they would really help, then post is for you.

If you have sore muscles from an injury or just from general everyday aches and pains, I can assure you that those microwave back, neck and wrist wraps are definitely worth it. Whenever I have been doing excessive amounts of sitting at my desk and typing for too long, my wrists and shoulder will start to ache. The backwrap comes to the rescue!

The inside material is some kind of beads and those heat up after a couple minutes in the microwave. You do have to be careful not to leave it in too long as it could literally get too hot to handle, just like anything that is microwaved excessively. The backwrap is very flexible and can easily be adapted for your neck, shoulder, arm, leg, or wrist or ankle.

The backwraps work better than heating pads because they provide moist heat as opposed to the dry heat of the heating pad. The only drawback to the microwave backwrap is that it doesn’t stay warm as long as it says on the package so I end up having to microwave it more frequently than they recommend. Since it provides relief, it is definitely worth it.

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