Metal Detectors In Schools

What do you think of the use of metal detectors in schools?

Before you answer that, I want you to share something I read once in an education textbook. They said that teachers’ number one complaint about their jobs in the 1950’s were that students chewed gum in school. Can you imagine?

Fast forward fifty years and look at where we are today. You’ve seen the headlines; you know the stories. You know the real problems that teachers and students face these days. Ultimately, we, as a society have a responsibility to keep our schools safe. Therefore, I see no reason why people entering a school building can’t go through a walk-through metal detector or be checked with a hand held metal detector.

Screening with them is quick and unobtrusive. What would you think of flying on an airline that didn’t have customers walk through a metal detector? I bet you wouldn’t get on one of their planes. I had to go through both types of metal detection (walk through and hand held portable) recently when going on a cruise. Each time passengers boarded or disembarked, we were subject to the security procedures. If cruise ships and airlines protect their passengers with this technology, why wouldn’t we do to the same in schools for our children, teachers, and support staff?

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