McDonald’s Memories

I was reading a book about advertising the other day and the author mentioned some McDonald’s advertising campaigns from the past. That got me thinking…

When I was a kid, I loved to go to McDonald’s (now I usually limit myself to only visiting in late February and early March for the shamrock shakes, although I did get a chocolate shake a few weeks ago too).

Anyway, I was trying to remember some of the various ads they ran over the years. This is the list I came up with.

1. The girls playing jumprope singing the rhyming lyrics Big Mac, filet-o-fish, Quarter Pounder. French fries – icy Coke, thick shakes, sundaes, and apple pies.

2. The character Grimace loving his shakes and the character Hamburglar stealing hamburgers, of course. The Fries Guys dancing around talking about Happy Meals.

3. The slogan: “You deserve a break today.”

Can you ad to the list from your memory?

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