Letting Kids Pick Their Own Friends

Today’s topic is one that I hardly see discussed anywhere. It’s about whether parents should let kids pick their own friends.

When children are very little, parents arrange play dates with other parents they know fro the neighborhood, church, or perhaps other social groups. At that point, the kids will probably be accepting of whichever playmates the parents pick for them. However, by the time children reach school age, they will start to be vocal about with whom they spend their time.

Kids of this age will be able to find their own friends in the neighborhood, at school, from sports teams, and from other activities. This then branches off into two areas. The first is what if the children don’t like playmates the parents have selected? Should parents be forcing their kids to spend time with other children they don’t like even if the parents think those kids are a good influence on their children? I think the answer to that is no. In life, your kids will be forced to spend enough time with people they don’t like in school, on teams, and at work so I think that you should let them make their own decisions about recreational time.

This leads to perhaps an even bigger problem. What about if kids choose friends that the parents don’t like? Should the parents restrict the time spent with undesirable friends? This one is even tougher. Parents have to be careful of crossing the line between being protective (as is the parental responsibility) and being overprotective , not allowing kids to make their own choices and learn from their mistakes.

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