Legacy Publishing

Lastly, what is the reputation of Legacy Publishing?

Legacy Publishing:

Established in 2004. While relatively new to the field of ADHD, they seem to have hired experts well versed in behavioral theory to handle the curriculum development.

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to provide families with life-changing programs that empower them to solve the complex problems they face on a daily basis.”

Ability to deliver a quality product:

Over 85,000 units of the TTP have been sold to date with about 1000 currently being sold per week. A 10-15% return rate reported which indicates overall satisfaction.


In August 2006, the National Association of Social Workers approved the Total Transformation® Program for 6 CEU’s under the long-distance learning for social workers. Testimonials from parents and professionals are available for The Total Transformation Program and appear positive in the acceptance of the program and its usefulness for some even after having tries other methods and therapy programs.

[Someone Else’s Kids Editor’s Note February 2012: The original date of this blog post was March of 2008. The number of sales cited (85,000) in this Total Transformation Program Review refers the total sold up to the time the doctor wrote her review of the Total Transformation Program which was even earlier than when this blog review was posted.

I did find more updated sales figures from Legacy Publishing as of mid 2011 and the new number at that point was up to over 250,000 copies of the Total Transformation program sold. It’s amazing to think that that many families have been able to find this parental guidance to improve their family lives and their children’s beahvior.]

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