Learned Helplessness

James Lehman and the Total Transformation parents on the CD were talking about the concept of learned helplessness which means that kids (or adults for that matter) actually don’t learn how to do something when someone else constantly does it for them or excuses them from the responsibility of doing something.

Kids eventually interpret this as their parents or teachers not feeling kids are capable of doing what is required of them. Some of them react by feeling depressed or worthless while others react with joy at the idea of getting a free ride on their responsibilities. (Come to think of, adults react the same way with bosses in the workforce. Some are depressed and think their bosses don’t like them and that they are not good employees while other employees rejoice that their bosses stop giving them any repsonsibility and are glad that they therefore have more tim to goof off.)

In either case, this is not good for the child’s development on a psychological level nor is it good on a practical level because you end up with kids who can’t do basic things for themselves. Don’t let this happen to your kids.

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