Last Year’s Hottest Toys – Part 2

For those of you just discovering the Someone Elses Kids blog for the first time today, I am just beginning a series of entries on the hottest toys for Christmas 2006. As an introduction to that topic, I thought it would be fun to first take a look back at last year and see if anyone purchased last year’s hot toys to see if how they held up over that past year. Are they still favorites or did the kids ditch hem to play with the boxes they came in by the second day?

We covered 1-5 in the previous post titled Last Year’s Hottest Toys. Here are 6-10.

6) Best Outdoor Toy – Schwinn Boy’s Stig-Ray bicycle.

7) Top Educational Toy – VSmile TV Learning System (also took honors as the number one overall Toy of the Year)

8) Top Activity Toy – Aquadoodle Spin Master

9) Top Electronic Toy – Video Now Color

10) Property of the Year – Dora the Explorer (Property means the brand that was received the most widespread distribution and buzz in the toy industry.)

There have you, parents. Which ones are still in your household?

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