Lady Gaga, Tim Tebow, and the Wii

Did you ever write something years ago and then come across it again later and it still makes you laugh?

I found a blog entry that I wrote six years ago and I think it needs a new version. In the original, I mentioned Madonna, Tom Brady, and the X-Box 360. Not that Madonna or Tom Brady are going anywhere any time soon. In fact, they’ve both been in the news recently. I’m sure the X Box 360 is just as popular as it always was. However, an updated updated version is fun too.

Here’s the new version:

In reference to kids who don’t pay any attention to their educational studies and the difficulty teachers have with getting kids to focus in class.

“Most kids couldn’t even find their own state on a map if you gave them a free Wii as an incentive! As for losing the children’s attention, there’s a shocker. Unless Lady Gaga is making a guest appearance in the classroom with Tim Tebow, no kidding that kids don’t pay attention.”

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